Welcome survivors! We are a growing server aimed at creating a down to earth atmosphere for like minded players. Open to all Veterans, Beginners, Content Creators and anyone else in between. Our server is structured with various zones, each with their benefits and drawbacks meant to keep the game dynamic for our players. The server is whitelisted during the week but open to the public on the weekends. We are a community driven server that takes the feedback you provide along with votes we hold to evolve the server into an experience that everyone can enjoy. Join our discord if you would like to know more about our community.


-Hybrid server (PVP/PVE/RP)

-Weekly events for both members and non-members

-Prizes for event champions

-Active and passionate staff 

-Content Creators channel for self promotion

-Community and members lounge channels for trading, looking for group, music, media, and all things gaming.

-Opened August 2019


We require 2 things for membership.

1. $5 membership fee.  

-This contributes to the server’s run time. You get 1 year full access to the private server, members lounge, and various members only perks. We accept Venmo and Paypal as payment options.

2. Agree to server rules and guidelines posted below.


1. Follow Discord Terms of Service when using our channels. 

2. Respect other players, members, and admins. 

3. No offensive/toxic behavior. Includes but not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, antireligion, harrasment, and NSFW. 

4. No advertising without approval from server owners. 

5. No stream sniping.

6. No KOS or base raiding in Safe Zones unless permitted for a server event.

7. No base building/stashes in No Build Zones.

8. No Cheating/Exploits. This includes ghosting, meatballing, duping of any kind, using safe zones during pvp engagements, wall glitches to see through walls.

**Breaking server rules may lead to a kick/ban based on severity and up to admins discretion. No refunds* 


Base Raiding- Take what you can carry and leave the rest. Going back 2-3 times to clear someones base especially useless walls is seen as toxic behavior (server rule #3)

Banditry in Safe Zones- You can steal cars and stashed loot located OUTSIDE of bases but players are allowed to defend their property if they catch you stealing it. 

Banditry in PVP Zones- No restrictions.



Copyright COMMUNITY DZ – All rights reserved

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